Transfer Student Information and Application

  • Out of District Transfer Students




    Transfer students are those who are wanting to attend a campus they are not zoned for. If you have moved into Taylor (currently living here, not waiting on a new build completion) or into a new Taylor campus zone and your child will attend the campus your home is zoned for, that child is not considered a transfer student. Proceed with either new student or returning student registration and update your address.


    • Out of District Transfer Applications: must provide the same documentation as a new student or returning student. Along with grades from previous school, attendance and a discipline report (if the student did not have any discipline actions please provide a letter a from the school that is signed by the registrar or school admin stating that there are no discipline records). Students coming from a Homeschool situation need to provide a grade report from the curriculum/program they are using as well as the attendance, grade and discipline report from the last year in which they attended a brick and mortar school.


    Unfortunately, Taylor ISD will not be able to approve all student transfer requests, as noted above. A student transfer request may be denied for the following reasons and/or for principal/superintendent designee discretion:

    • Unavailable at the requested grade level/campus.

    • The information provided on the application form is erroneous.

    • The student has a history of documented Student Code of Conduct infractions and/or commits a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which results in an assignment to the District or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. These denials may not be appealed.

    • Documented patterns of truancy, late arrivals, and/or late pick-ups requiring the supervision of the child by school staff. These denials may not be appealed.

    • Poor academic performance.

    • Previously denied transfer request.

    • The parent/guardian is no longer an employee of Taylor ISD.

    • A parent does not cooperate with school staff or if they falsify information for the purpose of transfer approval.  Parent/Guardians may be punished under the Texas Penal Code, Chap. 37, Sec. 37.10 for falsified information. 


    • Transportation will be the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s). No District transportation will be provided. 


    • The legal residence of a student and his or her parent(s) or legal guardian establishes the high school in which the student is eligible for competition in school-sponsored athletic contests. The legal residence requires that the parent(s) or legal guardian and student(s) actually live in the attendance area, receive mail at the residence, and plan to continue to live there.

    • If a student’s residence is outside of the Taylor ISD attendance zone, the student would be ineligible for varsity competition according to UIL rules for one calendar year starting with the first day of enrollment.

    • Regardless if the student's residence is in or outside of the Taylor ISD attendance zone, students must complete a Previous Athletic Participation Form which then needs to be approved by the District Executive Committee.

    • For more information about athletic eligibility, go to Athletic Eligibility Requirements – (